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Carvings are available by order

There are some carvings that are in stock at the shop.

Most orders are completed within six months with a 50% deposit.

To start an order you can link to our contact page

Outside Use:

Carvings are finished with 3 coats of marine grade exterior polyurethane.

Recoat once a year or when finish loses gloss.

Inside Use:

Do not place directly on floor or carpet as residual resins could cause staining.

Protect flooring with card board or other barrier. Do not place sculptures in direct sunlight

as discoloration could result.

Keep sculpture AWAY from excessive heat as this will promote cracking and checking.

Please Be Advised Sculptings are made of wood and cracks and checks are likely to form

as the wood ages, dries or weathers. This is a completely natural process.

Follow the product care and use instructions to reduce cracking and extend the

life and beauty of the product.


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