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533 William ave.
Davis, WV



John "Sacco" Carter (Founder of the Warewolf) lives in Canaan Valley West Virginia in the Appalachian "snow belt".

When not carving Sacco devotes time to his favorite pass times, his son Critter, kayaking and skiing. Sacco, who hails from Colorado, is a true artist

whose spirit seeks to be free and finds expression in beautiful wood carvings, which are featured in the following pages.

All carvings are one of a kind original art work.


Also, here are some words about the products:

The source of wood for the sculptings is standing dead timber that Sacco

personally salvages from the forests.

The woodpeckers and beetles aren't all that happy but it saves trees

and provides good seasoned timber for carvings.

Horse, pump track, wood carvings


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